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Yeah But Nothing!

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

How many times can a person hear an answer, or get a great piece of advice only to respond yeah but I...

Either things are right or Not right. Finding excuses to keep doing things the way you always have is easy. Finding reasons to change the way that you do things is also easy. the challenge comes in letting go of either the Reasons, and remaining the same, or the excuses, and making that change. If the change is really desired then it is only a matter of time before your excuses will destroy you. They will weigh you down and everything you do will come with that weight.

My advice to you is to put down the weight of your excuses. Face the direction you choose, and no mater what comes against you. Brace yourself with truth, and Meet it head on.

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Unknown member
Aug 31, 2019

Yeah buddy, I think this calls for an epic workout today!


Tarnell Brown
Tarnell Brown
Aug 31, 2019

Seems like we’ve all found excuses not to hit the gym and regretted it later on. But I’ve never heard of regretting a workout after finishing it.

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