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Define Your Why!

When you find yourself just bumping your way through life aimlessly it gets really easy to start to feel lost. You are the same person, in the same places, surrounded by all of the same people but you feel like you might as well be wandering around Timbuktu. Believe it or not you are in good company. Most people lose sight of themselves in the daily grind of life. It gets really easy to see yourself as the things that you have to do to get by, the rest of your time becomes a void of life, defined as some "You time". It’s those moments of "You time" that become the time to either find yourself, or to lose yourself.

There are amazing things that can be accomplished in focusing on bettering yourself for even a couple of hours daily, and let’s face it. The majority of your days are spent bettering the lives, and pocket books of people who really don’t have much to do with your well-being, and future. If you can commit time to them, you can absolutely commit time to yourself. What would your future look like if you took even an hour each day to commit to your own health?

Setting out on a routine of becoming more committed, more dedicated to your own well-being becomes an exercise that day by day makes you stronger in not only your body, but in your whole constitution as well. Your mind becomes more capable, your will becomes more absolute, and your whole person becomes the controller of your own future. All of this takes place in the same exact circumstances that most people lose track of themselves. This is a way of being!

All it takes is defining where you want to take yourself, and most importantly WHY you want to get there. Take time to really dive into the why. There are easy answers to that question that will pull you in your direction gently, and there are deeper answers that will push you with a force that could only be compared to hurricane. The deeper you go the more you guarantee your own success, and less becomes the chance of anything standing against you.

Day by day you will wake up to the parts of yourself that you have left behind, and day by day you will be introduced to parts of yourself that you never knew where even there. Everyone goes down the road of life, but not everyone truly lives the journey.

Richard, This one’s for you bro!

Your an awesome Guy with and absolute Why!

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I see you Sam! There is nothing more that needs to be added to this. why is my grand kids and great grand kids. My actions of today are with them in mind. Bigger picture! Stop living for just the day. Live for future generations that need you alive and well! Cheers brother!

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