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Every Little Bit Counts

In many of my posts I write in a way that lead many to think that I expect it to be easy to make the shift into a better future for yourself. I promise you that I don't believe it is easy. In fact I know from personal experience that it can be very hard sometimes to make that shift. I do know however that it is necessary, and because it is necessary I believe that it is just a matter of time before the choice is made to do it. The awesome thing about making a change is that you can start at any level that you want. It would be nice to be able to go all in and just make it happen overnight, but it is more realistic to see that it happens one small change at a time. The important thing is to just keep going. Day by day it will become easier to take the next step.

We all have our reasons for being held back, but we also have the ability to remove the power behind those reasons in order to move forward. I encourage all of you to look for one small thing that you can do today to alter your future in a way that would not happen without your one small action. If you want to change the way that you eat, pick one thing today to make it different. If you want to start exercising, choose 1 thing to accomplish today. Try to think of one small thing every day, and before you know it your small things will become bigger things.

When it comes to health one of the most important things is to consistently work towards a better outcome. It gets very hard to see, or feel the things that we go through daily that keep us down, or in a state of imbalance. By focusing a small amount of energy daily into a positive action for our life, we can offset many things that we may not even know are affecting us. I’m sure as soon as you start this practice you will notice a more positive outcome in your day.

I hope you read this and decide to commit to yourself that you will do something for a better daily outcome. Remember, small things add up to big things, and every little bit counts.

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