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The Power of Influence

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Alright, so in the day and age that we live in influence is all around us. Most of what we are influenced by seems to be behind the scenes, and not obvious to the average person. Sometimes it is something as simple as the way a soda can sounds in a T.V. commercial that sends us into the crave. All around you right this second are hundreds of little things tugging on your strings. These little propagators are all a doorway, and the action of walking through them or just passing them by is a choice that is always up to you.

Outside of the power of inanimate objects are the people and places that encourage you one way or another. With all of this going on around you, you have every tool and opportunity at your feet. Each opportunity gives you the option to become more or less of who you want to be. Something amazing happens when you choose who that is and stop being an accidental version of yourself. You stop being influenced by the whims of people places and things unless you choose to have that influence pull you, push you, or just guide you in the direction of your choice. Once you adapt to this way of thinking, you lose the ability to blame the world around you for your short-falls and you start to use it as an exercise to overcome your own personal limitations to become whoever you choose to be.

I don't care who you are, nothing is more influential than seeing someone getting every bit out of life what they are putting into it. If you’re stuck in the old way of thinking you say things to yourself like: "I wish I could do that!", "why can’t I make that happen?", or the worst "It’s a lot harder for me, than it is for them.” If you took the opportunity to take their example, and put it to work, two things will happen. You will most likely fail at it, and you will be one step closer to not sucking at it any more. Keep it up and one day it will come as naturally to you as it does to whoever influenced you.

Exercising this way of being turns even bad influences into good ones by allowing you to be motivated by them to make the decision to take action in your life to align with your choices for the outcome that you determine. Sometimes the worst influence can motivate you to be, say, or do the exact opposite of what most people would. That is if you have your head screwed on the right way.

Next time you feel the influence of something around you decide for yourself what you are going to get out of it, and take action to make sure that whatever it is, it is pushing you in the direction that you choose for yourself. I promise you, it works.

Start with the influence of this post. I wonder where, and how far you could take it?

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