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Online Sign Up

Thanks to our new sign up application, you can now sign up online, no appointment necessary. The steps to complete an online sign up are detailed below.

Note: If you have had a membership within the past year, please do not sign up here. Call the office to have your account reactivated!


Please follow the below steps carefully. All new memberships must be approved by a Forge representative after signup, which could take up to 1 business day. Verification will be required for military discounts.

Step 1

Click the following button and proceed through the new member sign up. Return to this page when finished.

Step 2

After sign up, download the Vizpin Smart App using either the Apple or Android app stores. Ensure that the app is allowed bluetooth access and create an account.

Step 3

Once you have an account for Vizpin, enter the building ID shown below and request access. A Forge representative will approve the membership and key requests, allowing access to the facility. Enjoy the gym, and go meet some goals!


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