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Your Choices Define Your Path

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

How often do you catch yourself doing something that you know holds you back? How many times do you hear yourself say "I shouldn't have done that" or "I shouldn't but..." just to justify the action anyway? Your future is made moment by moment. How you either conquer, or are conquered by those moments is all in your control. One little thing at a time either in the right direction, or the wrong one will set you up for your next success or failure. It’s easy to justify a mistake once, and easier to justify it twice. In fact the more you fail, the more failure becomes normal. The good news is that it works both ways.

If you take opportunities to see the set up for your next failure you can catch it, and with a little bit of energy take the opposite position. Once you do, Justify it with intelligence. It’s easy to do, and even easier the second time. Make a habit of meeting your small challenges this way and before you know it, what once seemed like something that was going to just control you, and your future has been changed into an exercise to redefine who, and how you are.

Every day you are given opportunities to practice this type of exercise. Taking the time to be in control of your moment will go a long way towards revitalizing your mind, body, and will. This charge of new energy can be invested into the next challenge to be overcome, and as always will result in even more new energy. We are built to adapt, and overcome any circumstances that work against our weaker selves, so that we can shed our weaknesses and evolve into a stronger state of being. It is easy to test this philosophy and see that it is correct in the gym, however this is something that can benefit you mentally wherever you are, at any given moment.

Being mentally tough can benefit you in everyday situations just as much, or even more so than being physically tough. Taking opportunities throughout your day to train your weakness is a vital part of becoming a better version of yourself. I don't imagine very many people looking at their life and setting a goal to be worse off than they are now. The majority of us are looking into our futures and desiring, or deciding to become better off in whatever way makes sense to us in that moment. The steps to making those things happen are a required part of the journey, and by taking time to see them, and action to take them. You are making your way to exactly what you want. One moment at a time, one exercise at a time, and one choice at a time. They all add up!

Keep in mind that the strongest person you know, still has a long way to go. Our journey is over only when the light fades from our being. On that day, I want to be completely satisfied with who I am, and how I got there. My hope in writing this is to stoke a little extra fire into whoever reads it, and to inspire a different way of looking at the challenges that you face. I want to motivate you to take your steps, and I look forward to hearing about the journey.

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Compunding your effort is a great skill to obtain. Like you said, it all adds up. Recognizing when your willpower is down and controlling it to continue to make sound choices is something i still practice. I find that my willpower is at its lowest at the end of the day. This was a great read. Thank you!


Unknown member
Nov 06, 2019

This is #amazing this is an example of #hardwork #persaverance #consistency #gym #motivation #excellence #mindset #power #wisdom #knowledge #inspire #goals #success #direction #determination #dedication #motivationalspeaking

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