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A Community of Strangers

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

One of the hardest things about making a change in your life is finding a community of like-minded individuals who in fact support your goal. It’s easy to look around you and see people who you feel should be there to make you more effective at your change, but if you really think about it those people while they are awesome I'm sure have supported you just the way that you are. I'm sure that they would support you any way that you wanted to be, but the change will be up to you. If you make it they will congratulate you, however if you don't, they will console you. Maybe even take you out to ice cream, or your favorite meal.

The people close to you are a part of the life you find yourself in today. Expecting them to be your support would be the same as expecting them to make the change with you. While that would be great, it really has nothing to do with you making your own change. Especially if their motivation is not the same as yours.

My suggestion to you is to get online. However you surf, and find others out there who are actively moving towards the goal that you have set for yourself. By doing this you will put yourself smack dab in the middle of a community of strangers who are on the same path that you are. Some will be behind you on the journey while some will be ahead of you. Motivation will run down that path like fire. It will be passed to you by those who are ahead, and you will pass it on to those who follow.

The resources available to you, no matter the goal are practically limitless. So reach out, grab on, and let the energy pull you forward.

Extra Credit: As you change, you will become a motivating factor for the people around you. One day, those people will be looking to you for support in their own journey. While you can’t do it for them, you can show them how to do it for them-self.

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