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Today is The Day.

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

How long have you desired to get fit? how many times have you told yourself that you must do something to get healthy? even outside of physical health how often have you thought that something must change?

Its like the nagging kid who just wants something so bad that they refuse to stop asking for it. That voice gets harder and harder to take seriously. Its almost like the louder it screams at you the less you can actually hear it. A refusal to acknowledge the conversation that goes on deep inside is a travesty. what if one of the best kept secrets about life, and health is that you are the one that has always known the right thing to do? What if you have just become used to ignoring yourself, used to being lost in the fuzz around facts?

My advice to you is to make today the day that you choose to listen. Make this moment the one that re-introduces you to your found self. Leave the lost one behind you as you move forward into the life, and future that you most desire.

Define your way, and keep moving forward!

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