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The Difference Between You and Yourself

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Right this second you are the sum of all of your own variables. You are the great big equal sign of your own formula. Do you like what you see, feel, and do? It is said that if the mind can conceive an idea, than the body can achieve it. I fully believe in this concept, and see it working constantly in my own life, and in the life of the people that I surround myself with. If you take a look at the life you live, not including dirt, trees, rocks, water, and sunlight. Everything you see and touch, started in the imagination of one person, or another. I’m here to tell you that if a Neanderthal can conceive the idea of fire for personal use, then your mind can definitely accomplish something awesome!

In the formula that is yourself, you have the ability to evaluate the balance that is you and decide. Is this good enough for me? If you would like to see a difference in your own outcome, there are all sorts of opportunities to make small adjustments to certain variables, which in turn create a different result. If you are open to seeing them, the second that you see the desired outcome, all sorts of adjustments become illuminated. Some of them will be obvious, and some will take some time to see, and work through. Each one creates a difference in the balance that becomes YOU.

The more you practice this concept, the easier it becomes to take the action necessary to make the change. One of the coolest things about this way of being is that conflicts in your own formula echo throughout it, so by making a small change in one area, you create a vibration that will travel throughout your entire way of life and create balance that will by nature bring repair to many aspects of your universe. That’s right! By bringing balance to one part of your life, everything relative to that part of your life will fall more into balance with it.

Keep in mind that much like a trapeze artist, sometimes you must be willing to let go. True balance sometimes means letting go of what you want right now, so that you may get what you choose for your future. Set your eyes on your goal, and be ready to act. The real difference between YOU and YOURSELF is action.

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