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Overthinking Your Circumstances

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

In this hectic world we live in it gets really easy to find yourself in a lifestyle, surrounded by circumstances that make the attempt to change seem impossible. One thing that I can tell you for sure, is that if you have a desire for change, whether it is a change in health,career or just in you life in general, that change is possible. Sorting through all of the variables that are working against you can be an overwhelming task. Especially if the change that you want for yourself is far overdue. It seems like the longer you wait to do the right thing for yourself, the more the circumstances seem to stack up against you. It gets easy to justify your current position using any one of the many details of your life that work against the decision to change.

One thing that I have learned, is if you decide that no matter what it takes, you are going to accomplish a goal, the universe will naturally give you every opportunity to face the circumstances against you as you move forward on your journey. Those opportunities will range in difficulty from easy to damn near impossible, but they will come as you are either ready, or becoming strong enough to face them. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the harder tasks, and locking into your mind that they are there, but you will get to them when you have more to offer in the pursuit of that change. Focusing on the changes that are attainable will evolve you into a person that can face bigger and bigger challenges. One day the impossible tasks are as easy to accomplish as your first tasks ever were.

If you stand back in the beginning of your journey and try to process everything that you are about to go through, and all of the changes that will take place in order for you to get the results that you desire, it gets easy to become discouraged. That discouragement leads to a feeling of impossibility, and in turn makes quitting on your goals a choice that you are willing to accept. This leads to a cycle of try and fail, until you quit. While failure is a necessary part of success, quitting is not. The desire to become your best version is not a feeling that will just vanish. Even if you decide to quit you will eventually feel the desire for change creeping up again. The best version of yourself exists on the other side of that desire.

So remember that in the pursuit of change it is important to start small, but aim big. Slow and steady is the way. Moment by moment you will find yourself inching closer to your goal.

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