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Elbow Yourself Some Room

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

One of the most common things that I hear from people trying to make a change in their own health, is how hard it is to find time. They think that they are saying something that makes sense, but all I hear is that their own life does not have any room for them. It is packed with responsibilities that, while important don't really serve to support a long healthy life. Think about it. Everything on that list will be there for as long as you live, and if you don't have time to put in the effort to add some time to your clock then how long will those responsibilities wait for you once you are gone?

It’s like a rock in water. The only thing that holds that space is the rock itself. Once you remove the rock the void is filled instantly. It not like the space holds itself there just to wait for the rock to return. I guess what I am saying is that you have to make room for yourself if you want to actually exist in your own life. Weather it is training, nutrition, or just some good old fashioned you time. You must be the one to make it happen. The world that we live in is really good at finding something to occupy every free second it can find, and we are really good at committing our free seconds to those occupations.

I wonder how many of those things on your list of commitments would stay it their order of priority if you were only allowed to do things that served to make your life more balanced. What if every bit of energy that you used throughout the day could return to you with interest? Where would that put you in the future? I think that by choosing to invest in yourself, you start a reaction that echoes through the rest of your choices. Maybe things that fall apart when you choose to put your focus on yourself were meant to fall apart. That would mean that you are the only thing holding those things together.

Take some time to think about all of the things that you are responsible for throughout your day, and weather those things serve you in balance with you serving them, or if there is an imbalance there. What would it take for balance to be found? I have a feeling that it would involve less from you and more from it. Elbowing some room for yourself might go a long way towards restoring balance to the things that you are over-invested in, and free up some more time for you to invest in the things that you are under-invested in.

I wonder how much would change if the majority of people in your circle implemented this way of thinking into their own life?

In the end my answer is that there is always time to fit yourself in. You either choose to do it, or you choose to fill it with something else.

Just a thought.

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Unknown member
Nov 13, 2019

Great perspective!


I like this topic. Often we get stuck in the cycle of serving others and forget about home base. Self care is more important than anything. What good are we to others if were not operating at our best? The issue I hear most often, like you, is not having the time. But how do other people seem to have so much more on their plate and still have time to themselves? They manage their time better, make sacrifices, and know when to say no. Put yourself first! Thanks Sam ✊🏽

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