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A View From the Top

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

How awesome is a view from the top of a mountain. They say that if you are ever lost, to find the highest peak and get a visual of your surroundings. Pick your direction, log obvious landmarks, and set out along your path, keeping your eyes open for those landmarks to make sure your heading in the right.

Setting goals for your health works a lot in the same way. First you have to decide if you are lost, or not. You may recognize your surroundings but if you are not where you want to be and not sure how to get where you want, you my friend are lost.

Once you are willing to admit it, seek a higher perspective. While you are there take time to look around and decide where it is that you actually want to go. Pick out few landmarks that you will look for along the way. Face your path, and move forward.

This is the hard part. You see in order to get where you are going. You must head back down the mountain, into the place that you were lost. You must Forge through the confusion, and inability to see your final destination knowing that you are in fact, going the right way.

Your brain is a funny thing during this part of the journey. Along the way it will try multiple times to convince you that you are going the wrong direction. That is why obvious landmarks are very important. If you see even a part of the landmark. Accept that you are on the right track and put your mind at ease.

As long as you are headed the way that you choose. You are headed the right way. Keep moving forward!

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Well spoken! Thank you...I love the new Forge Fitness!


Unknown member
Sep 13, 2019

Right on!!! Motivation, determination and perseverance!

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