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25 to Life

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

So it is said that most habits can be broken, if you effectively work at changing them in about 25 days. That amazes me considering that if you think about it, most of us have spent 25 years or more accumulating these habits. Habits that today seem so impossible to change. Even though the desire to do so creeps up almost daily. The sum of our habits make us who we are today.

One of the most awesome things about my job as a trainer is that I get to experience first-hand, the journey that happens when an individual chooses to break some of these habits and really go after a different version of themselves. I can tell you that I have seen over, and over the change take place. I have seen the struggle, and I take those moments to refocus their mind on the future and encourage them to move on from the past. The great part is that once a person makes that choice it is only a matter of time before the sum of who they are, and what they do starts to change. The old ways of doing things become less, and the new ways become more.

This is not a matter of one way one day and the next your there. This is a matter of continuously striving to be better today than you were yesterday, and tomorrow try harder. Some days come easy, and some make you feel like you are failing. It’s important to remember that even your failures add up to success, as long as you keep your mind on the goal. Focus your thoughts and your intention on the destination of your journey. Do not fixate on your faults, and your failures. Let them pass as a fainting realization of what you are leaving behind. Keep in your vision where you are going and day by day you get closer.

I have seen absolute transformation take place in anywhere from 6 months to 1 year, and at the end of this time-frame you have the tools to stay diligent to your own plan. You refine your goals, and your results. Then you take steps to define the next chapter of your journey. Each time you succeed your confidence grows and your determination sets in like a new habit. One you will want to keep for life.

Think about that. 25 years or more to get what you have gotten, and 1 year to get what you strive for. I hope that this stirs something inside of you, and makes you daydream of a difference in your life. The only thing that stands between you, and that daydream is a choice. Make that choice, and be willing to fail your way there.

Pick your outcome, face it head on, and keep moving forward.

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