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You are what you eat

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Do you remember growing up trying to build some masterpiece out of Legos, only to find that you are massively short on some of the ones that you need in order to finish? As much as you try to work around the deficiency you end up building something that is far from the original goal. My Lego helicopters always looked like they had already been through a war zone, and had been shot down by some guy with a massive gun that had more than perfect aim.

Your body builds itself with little tiny Legos called amino acids. These resources are connected together in groups, and build every cell in your body. Imagine trying to build these complicated structures without the proper building blocks. Your body collects these amino acids through the food that you eat. Without a variety of different foods it is easy to become deficient in nutrients that are required to repair, and regenerate your cells. In the average American lifestyle it is easy to get caught up in eating manufactured foods that end up being made from the same basic ingredients. Wheat, Corn, Sugar, and various other abundant resources that are farmed around the county in massive renewable crops. These ingredients make up a small percentage of the amino acids available in foods grown all around the world. Eating the standard American diet leaves the body severely deficient in nutrients that are absolutely necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.

I suggest to my clients all of the time, that when they go to the grocery store they should grab real foods from the produce, and meat section. If they see something that they have not tried before they should throw it in the basket. once the body has an opportunity to break it down, it will have access to amino's that may not have been available in the common items that are normally consumed. once the body finds different amino's that it is deficient in, you will get cravings for that new product and have more opportunities to replenish your body's stock of those amino's. Before you know it all sorts of ailments that you may be experiencing could become memories of the past.

How often do you hear of some miracle plant that ends up supposedly curing everything? Maybe the cure is just a dose of amino's that aid different deficient systems in the body. I encourage you to diversify your nutrition intake and journal the foods that make you feel better, and the foods that make you feel worse. doing this can give you a road-map of nutrition that you can use to help you achieve maximum results, and maximum health.

Remember, Variety is the spice of life.

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