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Refocus, and Re-Connect

Do you know what it is in your life that you are really trying to accomplish? When is the last time that you sat down and asked yourself if what you are accomplishing every day really adds up to your ultimate goal. Do you even have an ultimate goal that you could put into thoughts or words?

These questions are easy to pose, and hard ones to answer for most of us, but they are probably more important than most of the questions that you could ask yourself throughout your day. Imagine for a moment what would happen if you dedicated a set amount of time to ponder, and design these questions, and their answers. I'm sure that even 10 minutes of practice each day will change your focus to narrow in on the things that happen that either move you towards your ultimate outcome, or take you farther from it. 10 minutes a day could possibly change your entire future.

My challenge to you is to give this a try for 15 days, If it does nothing it cost you nothing, however if it changes even 1 thing for you then it seems like it would be well worth it. Who knows maybe after a while you will want to spend your whole day imagining your own future into existence.

I'd like to thank a buddy of mine for being the guy who puts in the effort to get my mind on the things that matter. He’s a guy who lives by this concept. Richard@InkLab, Thanks a ton my friend!

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Wow! Thank you Sam. I’m super humbled. Thank you for paying it forward as well. Mindset is everything. Happy new year to everyone! Lets get that 2020 Vision 🏆🏁


Unknown member
Dec 30, 2019

Wow really makes you think a little more about the things to think about that are important rather than the mindless, everyday thoughts. Nice write up! #goals #success #mindset #positivevibes #focus #direction #mindfullness

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