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Be An Energy Producer

How many activities in your life do you find that take the wind out of you? Things like getting the groceries from the car, having to take the stairs, mowing the lawn, or even various extracurricular activities with your significant other. We all have some sort of activity that we enjoy, or that is required in our day to day that tax the amount of energy that we produce. If you find yourself taxed to the point of being worn out, imagine being able to do those things without suffering the huffing and puffing that normally comes along with the action.

Did you know that adding even just one day of training a week can increase the amount of energy that your body is able to produce in any given time period by around 20%. The first time that you train there will be a limit to the energy that you have available to you, and that limit is programed based on the demands of your life. By choosing to take time to push yourself you change that programing, and not just a little. The tasks that most of us experience throughout our day don't actually take very much energy to accomplish, and if you find that they take enough to tank your energy level, that's your body’s way of telling you that it is time to do something about it.

Humans don't have to run from dinosaurs, and most of us don't have to hunt and pack our own food, we don't have to physically fight for our survival anymore, we don't build our own shelter or move mountains. In fact most of our energy demand these days is emotional, and mental. Outside of various trade work there is not a ton of physical demand, so unless you make the decision to train yourself past the demands of your life your physical limit will be based on the daily demands of your life. Any time you decide to take action beyond that level your system will be fully tested.

The awesome part about making that decision is that things do not actually become easier because you train. Everything that you do requires the same amount of energy as before, you can just produce more of it for the action. If your life has figured out for you how much energy you get for the things that you do before you start to exercise, and I come along to drop a thousand pounds of rocks in front of your feet for you to move 100 feet away, you’re probably going to get your ass handed to you. However if you train for even a couple of weeks, and then move all of the rocks back to where you got them it’s going to feel a lot easier to do. The reality is that nothing has changed except for the amount of energy that you produce minute to minute. Keep training and the action can become effortless.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that we are all meant to be champions. The last thing that was meant to defeat us is a flight of stairs, and who couldn't use more energy for the fun things?

Kick ass at life, and stop getting your ass kicked by life.

Choose to train!

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