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Age Is Just A Number

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

How often do you notice feeling yourself doing less, and less of what you used to do and think that you should do something to get it back? I see it all of the time. A person decides that it is age that is limiting them. I’m telling you now, don't let that idea decide for you that it is ok to just fade away until there is nothing left but the inevitable final clock punch.

Every time you recognize that you are becoming less of what you used to be, that is the universe calling out to you to get up and do something about it. I have seen the 80 year old competing in the iron man, I have seen the 60 year old taking 1st in the show. If you look you can see everywhere that there are exceptions to the commonly believed rule. Maybe it’s not a rule after all. What if it’s more like a false exception of the effortless way that leads to this?

I don't expect people to just get off the couch after 30 years of sitting on it and go run a marathon, but the only difference between those people and the ones in the race is training. Time spent holding back the clock, with steady effort in the right places, and a conscious choice to miss the opportunities to lay off.

If you are the guy on the couch try spending a few days off of it. Move around and get your heart pumping a little. Take time to breathe deep, and sweat a little. Who Knows? After a few days of this you will feel like doing it a few more. I wish I could quantify for you the amount of time that you are adding to the end of your life but even if it was only one more day, would it be worth it?

I encourage you to spend a little time, and some extra energy chasing your past-self down. Once you see it, keep it in your sights and run like hell to catch up. Who knows what you are capable of more than you? It is never too late to start, and if you are not already going than you only stand to benefit from getting going.

If you do nothing you will only slip farther away. I can’t imagine getting to the end of my life and coming to the conclusion that the effort I spent to become a healthier, stronger version of myself just wasn’t worth it. So unless you are completely content with fading away, get up and get going. There are no excuses to justify the degradation of your own self. No matter who you are, and no matter the circumstances there is always something you can do, and there is always somewhere you can start!

I hope to see you all fighting the good fight on this battlefield of life. It will always be worth it!

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Tarnell Brown
Tarnell Brown
Oct 17, 2019

I know a few people that could benefit from reading this particular post. I’ll pass on the good info. Keep up the good work, brother. I love reading the info you put out here for us.


Unknown member
Oct 16, 2019

Its true, although sometimes I feel my age lol! I like the idea of seeing yourself from your own perspective. Looking back at what you know you are capable of is something to inspire yourself by and also helps set yourself up with higher set of goals. The only competition is yourself. I know you had a birthday recently, this is great advice. Happy Birthday Sam! Thanks for the blog 🤗

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